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AutoSave Essentials 3.52

A powerful application that will automatically make a backup of your documents
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AutoSave Essentials is a powerful application that will automatically make a backup image for your documents, and store it on a device of your choice.
Initially, there are three available backup plans among which you can choose: music, pictures, and office documents. The utility is configurable, which means you can make a custom backup plan, choosing a specific folder or the file extensions of interest to you. You are also allowed to set the destination path where you want the storage to be made. The program also allows you to set up how frequently you want to backup an image of your data. You can choose the backup location to be a removable storage device (external hard disk or USB flash drive), a network location (network drive or FTP server), or the local hard-disk.

There are six options for setting up the backup frequency. For example, you can adjust the settings to continuously backup your data, either automatically, or manually. You are also able to choose the number of previous backups to be kept in the history section. This is a useful option, because you may sometimes need to restore older versions of your files.

Given that losing data on your computer can take you by surprise, making a backup of your files is indeed useful. AutoSave Essentials does its job and gives you the possibility to schedule and customize your backup plan.

Margie Smeer
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  • Customizable
  • Easy to use interface


  • Errors can occur sometimes (e.g. the program will not recognize it from starters that you have selected a certain file/folder)
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